Strong Buy

If you are planning on using formula at any time with baby, the Baby Brezza isn't a must have, but will certainly make your life easier.

Why you need this

While it may seem trivial, making formula takes too much time when you have a hungry, unhappy baby. Using only one hand, with the press of the button, you will have a perfectly warm, measured and mixed bottle for baby.

When you need it

If you aren’t breastfeeding – buy it before or as soon as the baby is born. If you are breastfeeding, as soon as you plan on weening.


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    Single Hand, One Touch

    While holding baby in one hand, you can make a bottle with the other

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    Warm water

    No need to wait for water to heat up, the water is kept at the perfect temperature

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    Very Little Maintenance

    It never gets clogged, and it doesn’t take a lot of clearning


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    Complex Assembly

    The spinning mechanism is somewhat complicated and you need to reference the instructions every time you clean the inside

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    Takes up counter space

    While it is not a huge appliance, it does take up valuable counter space

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