Mountain Buggy Nano

Drive it one handed, folds up nice and compact, strap to put it over your shoulder (comes with travel case which is hard to get on while struggling one handed with a baby)

Mountain Buggy Nano ~$250

With an easy fold to carry on, one handed steering, easy maneuverability and infant car seat attachment this makes travel with a little one a breeze.

Why you need this

Full size strollers are often too heavy to drag in and out of trunks much less travel through an airport. Having a more streamlined version that is also a travel system is ideal.

When you need it

You can start using this stroller as soon as your wee one is born with the easy to use strap that attaches to most carseats. Once they hit six months they can benefit from the stroller as is.


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    Easy fold to a compact size

    No need to struggle to get the stroller opened and closed or having no room to store on a trip!

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    Adapts to most infant car seats

    Dragging a car seat through the airport can tricky. Plus easy transfer with a sleeping baby!


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    Limited Storage

    Smaller strollers mean less storage space! Get a hook for bags and use the basket to hold a few essentials.

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    Limited Lifespan

    If you like to travel on a plane, keep in mind that checked items will get banged up. You can try and carry on!